Why Betting On Fights Is So Popular

August 28, 2017

betting on fights popularity

Fights in various combat and power sports are one of the most popular events on many sports betting sites. Such popularity can be explained by some factors, in particular, staginess dynamism and unpredictability of such events. Fights without rules are of considerable interest among betters as they often have unpredictable outcomes at the most unexpected moment.

In many ways, the majority of modern mixed fight arts are similar to the fights of ancient Greeks during the first Olympic Games. Pankration, one of the styles of unarmed fights of that time, has become the basis of modern fights. The new rise of interest to martial arts was noticed at the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century. The fights between prominent representatives of a variety of fighting styles, ranging from the "classics" and ending with jiu-jitsu and boxing caused a considerable stir in the audience. The fights between champions representing different kinds of sports arouse tremendous interest.

But the real popularity of such events, in particular, of several categories of MMA, was gained only in the nineties of the last century. Since then several championships are being held regularly, and the major sports betting sites take odds on the UFC and boxing.

The rules of the fights were gradually made less stringent, as promoters and organizers had to take care of the health of athletes more and more often.

That is why the decision to introduce various weight categories was made (at the moment there are nine weight categories). Many submission holds were prohibited, the use of additional equipment (e.g., gloves) and restrictions on the time frame of each match were made obligatory.

If the fights and their rules are your thing, you can try your luck in earning on betting on fights. Place bets on the strongest fighters and enjoy not only the fight itself but the thrilling emotion of the possible win as well.

There is no need to attend fights in person to bet on them. Nowadays almost all biggest sports betting sites accept odds on the biggest events in the world of MMA.

If you are a novice in betting please read the information given above in order to understand the principles of betting on fights. To increase your chances to win you should bear in mind several things. First of all, keep track of the career and physical states of the sportsman. Try to avoid betting on the fights where two fighters of almost the same level meet. It is wiser to bet on a fight with a lower coefficient but with a heavily-favored fighter. Do not forget to check the statistics of the last fights of the sportsmen to make predictions of their chances to win.

And of course, select the site to place your bets on. We hope that our reviews and ratings will help you to make a correct choice.