The Most Unusual Bets

August 28, 2017

the most unusual bets

We are sure that in your mind betting is about betting on horse racing or football. But some people are more creative when it goes about betting. 

In 1997 a man from Toronto bet that he would insert breast implants and keep them for a year. He won $100 000  a year later and even decided not to remove implants. Another amazing bet from him was living in a men’s bathroom for one month, which brought him $15 000.

Another man placed several unusual bets in 1989. He placed bets that that Cliff Richards would be knighted before the year 2000, U2 would stay together for music creation after the year 2000 and that 2 TV shows would also run after the year 2000. When all this came true in 11 years, his initial bet of £30 bet became £194 400. 

Now betting on who will act as the next James Bond is very popular. Other unusual bets are about of probability of alien life’s discovery within the next three years or the size of Donald Trump’s manhood. Could you ever imagine that betting could be that strange?