How to Select The Best Sports Betting Sites

August 28, 2017


The staggering variety of sports betting platforms available nowadays may appear overwhelming at first. The thousands of seemingly similar websites differ from one another according to a number of parameters including site layout, a range of games, payout percentages, and many others. Every gambling enthusiast is hoping to find a website that is reliable, secure, enjoyable and offers all of the features he or she is interested in. The real problem is how to find that website.

That being said, you should not think that we are unable to assist you at all. In this article, we will tell you a little bit about three different strategies you may use while searching for that perfect online destination for sports betting. Here, we aim to provide you with as much of valuable information and opinion as possible, so that you could make a clever decision regarding where you are going to bet on sports events. We have carried out extensive research and testing in order to present you with our final recommendations in a form of rather detailed reviews of betting platforms. Be certain that our reviews are never outdated, in any way dishonest or lack any details. Upon reading our review of a particular platform, you are guaranteed to have all the necessary information about that site, including our evaluation of its advantages and weaknesses. It is strongly recommended to read as many reviews as possible. As time-consuming as it may turn out to be, this is indeed very helpful as it will help you get a better grasp of what is available in general and which sports betting sites will suit your preferences in particular.

Nevertheless, you are always free to opt for a different approach, meaning doing all of your research on your own. Be prepared to spend many hours on this matter though. Also, be ready to accept the fact that not all the necessary information may be available. If you still would like to do all of this work by yourself it is crucial that you stick to your priorities no matter what, while remaining cautious of suspicious websites at the same time. Even though empirical evidence demonstrates that rogue websites actually represent a tiny fraction of the overall range of sports betting platforms, there are still a few sketchy ones out there that are looking to rip you off. This is why you should make sure you do everything you possibly can to avoid such sites.

What to keep in mind first of all

Probably the most obvious characteristic of rogue betting platforms is that they are usually unlicensed, which means they are providing services illegally and do not comply with any sort of regulation.

On the contrary, those websites that specify their compliance with appropriate regulations, tend to be trustworthy in most cases. Therefore, it always pays off to carefully check if the platform has obtained an appropriate license for the provision of online betting from a certain authority. Such a license ensures that the betting platform carefully obeys a number of strict requirements, which are designated to protect consumers. 

What you also need to take into account while assessing the quality of a particular betting website is its track record. We typically consider a website’s history and its reputation in the industry, both of which have a great impact on our overall assessment of the platform. It should probably go without saying that ideally you should select such websites that have been operating in the business for a substantial amount of time and have a positive record of treating their members fairly.

Probably the easiest method to become familiar with a website’s history is to carry out a Google search. Simply type in the name of the platform, and then visit each of the found results one by one. In case you come across numerous negative opinions about the platform, then you should start looking elsewhere. 

Moving on to the second general rule for researching sport betting sites by yourself, it involves evaluating whether that or another betting portal actually meets your expectations and provides you with everything that’s necessary. If you are not entirely sure about your own preferences, it might be a good idea to simply take an easier approach and select one of the listed recommended betting operators.

Listen to your own preferences

Your own preferences are, no doubt, fully up to you. But let us still offer you some broad ideas, which may help you make an informed decision. You should think about your favorite sports that you would like to bet on, what stakes you would like to bet for, whether you want to be able to bet live during events. In addition to this, don’t forget to consider how you are going to deposit money to your account and withdraw your winnings from it. The availability of a mobile version of the site or of an application for smartphone users is also very significant. Be sure to think about how important the amount and diversity of various promotions and bonuses are to you. It is also worth considering whether you want to focus exclusively on sports betting or you want to enjoy other games like poker or casino as well. As soon as you set out the basic criteria of your search, you are then able to compare a website’s functions to what you expect of it. If you decide to become a member of a less conventional website, it is likely to offer you a smaller range of sports available for online betting. Therefore, always double-check whether the site accepts bets on your favorite sports events. Also, get yourself familiar with the platform’s minimum and maximum bets available. If you are keen on live betting during events, look for a website that allows this function.

What is also very important is to rely on several sources of information regarding the site’s operation. These should include as many different opinions and reviews by users and industry professionals as you are able to get. 

We don’t recommend to deposit any big sums straight away upon registration. It makes more sense to begin with small deposits while getting to know the platform and all of its features. Some players also withdraw some of their funds in order to test how quick and secure these transactions are here. 

As the famous saying goes, tastes differ and this also applies to sports betting portals. No website can be universally regarded as “the best”, and while some may like a certain site, others would not even consider it on their list of the best sports betting sites. 

Hence, if you actually decide to carry out your own research, make sure you use the recommendations we have outlined in this article. Most importantly, make sure that you only gamble on reliable websites with a decent reputation in the business.