Betting On E-Sports: Basic Notions

August 28, 2017

betting on e-sports

Sports events can be both real and virtual. Real are the events we can watch on television like football, boxing, tennis, etc. The virtual events are network games, in which, as a rule, one team of gamers is battling against the other.  The world of e-sports is no longer just a pastime activity, it has transformed into a huge business which makes millions of dollars. And eventually, it has become possible to make stakes on e-sports just like on any other sports. Nowadays betting on e-sports is available on the most popular sportsbetting sites.

The Esports betting market has burst out rapidly, so now it is not only about playing for fun but also playing to knock down some extra money. Who would refuse that? Many bookmakers have stepped into this rapidly growing market and are offering attractive odds to the punters. The strong side of betting on e-sports is plenty of teenage players and a wide choice of games. The most popular games are DOTA 2, CS: GO, Starcraft 2 and League of Legends. These games have their rules, still, the most important thing is to play honestly, without cheating tactics.

It is clear that though not all play the games, there are millions of those who are captured by observing online video games tournaments, watching how cyber-sportsmen battle against one another in order to win big prizes in cash. Sometimes the prize amounts to 2 million dollars.

First of all, it’s wiser to bet on the top rated games. We have listed them in the beginning. The next thing to keep in mind is players and teams. So before you place your bet, check the recent news from this industry to be aware of the best teams and players. Follow communities on social networks to be aware of the latest tendencies. You can find out the information of the top players from the lists of the top e-sports players. It is also necessary to gather the information of the best teams, as this is another crucial factor that influences on the chances to win.

Certainly, it may be difficult to predict the outcome of the e-sports tournaments, especially if you are a novice in this sphere. But you will be able to decide which team or player to bet on after making the comparative analysis and viewing ratios of these players and teams. Besides, if you take some time to study the basics your chances to win will increase. For example, you can watch the live streaming of the games on Youtube to grasp the basic notions of the process itself.

Your main aim is to beat the bookmakers. Do not forget to get the most of the bookies’ bonus offers. Check which sites offer the most attractive conditions before placing your bets.