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Best Sports Betting Sites UK 2020

No wonder any better would like to find out which site is the best to bet on sports. If you are not only a fan of sports, but also a reckless risk-taker eager to bet some money and win, you have come to the right place. The Select Best Sports Betting Sites team has examined the most popular and known UK online betting sites in order to provide our visitors with unbiased reviews of the best online betting sites. You are welcome to check our reviews and ratings and select top betting sites.
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Each online punter deserves a safe and proper spot to play. The mission of is helping its visitors to select a reliable online gambling venue by providing free and unbiased reviews of the best UK sites, where you can play with confidence and security. All gambling brands listed on are trustworthy and UK licensed, which means they can be confined to offer fair play. To provide the visitors with the most relevant results, the brands and their positions may alter depending on the visitors’ location, their device, search requests and some other criteria. All ratings and reviews placed on the site are made independently of the gambling operator. Nonetheless, for marinating a free high-quality service, the companies advertised on this page pay a fee and this may influence upon the brand positioning. The scores assigned to the brands are based on a row of factors, such as experts’ opinions, user experience, comments, popularity, and conversion rates, but the scoring should not be relied upon for accuracy, as it is determined by the in its sole discretion.

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An Introduction to Sports Betting

Betting on sports events is perhaps among the most popular form of gambling in the United Kingdom, with millions of bets being placed on the British top betting sites every week. Ability to make betting odds online lets punters discover the convenience and flexibility of sports betting on their most anticipated sporting events from the comfort of their own homes.

It is necessary to point out that the British online bookmaker industry is presented by the numerous gambling operators. It may be a tiresome task to define top betting sites operating nowadays among tons of average and mediocre ones. We have assembled a dedicated team of industry professionals to help you in exploring the best betting sites in the UK. What matters most is a bookmaker's range of offers and promotions, its selection of sports markets available for betting, its overall security and credibility.

Whenever you are going to bet on various sports events, you will require a lot more information than just different bonuses and promotions offered by sports betting sites in the UK. You will need a basic knowledge of odds, markets and the process of making odds itself. Mainly sports betting odds are usually expressed on a fractional basis in UK. Let us now look a little closer at how betting odds are displayed, and further explain the different types of bets available.

Fractional and Decimal Betting Odds

Many people agree that the concept of fractional odds in online betting is probably easier to understand than it is to explain. Basically, what those odds represent is how many times the stake you will receive if your bet is successful. Therefore, the odds are displayed in a form of a fraction where the first number shows your potential winnings in case you place the second figure on the bet as your stake.

On the other hand, gamblers from Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia tend to be more accustomed to their betting odds being expressed in decimals. In order to figure out the amount of your potential winnings, all you need to do is take the decimal figure shown and multiply it by the amount of the stake you have placed.

Although these things may appear quite overwhelming for novice gamblers at first, there is really nothing for you to worry about. Wherever you decide to place your bets on sports events, the website will calculate your potential returns and display it clearly in the betting slip with the amount you have placed as a stake and how much you could possibly win altogether. Once you get some experience with placing bets with your chosen bookmaker, everything will become much clearer and easier to comprehend. No matter which way you choose your odds to be displayed in, the majority of top betting sites will offer you a choice between fractional and decimal odds, which can be easily changed whenever you want to.

Multiple Bets and Accumulators on the betting sites

Each time you place a single bet, the process is quite simple, and you will receive your winnings based on the odds shown. However, in case you are ready to expose yourself to more risk and excitement, there are many other options in sports betting you should consider. These options include, among others, double and triple accumulator bets as well as even five- and six-fold accumulator bets. This mode of sports betting involves placing a bet on several events at the same time. If all of the bets are successful, the odds associated with each selection are then multiplied between themselves. Therefore, your potential returns are significantly higher than if you decide to bet on each of the events individually. The obvious disadvantage of this mode of online betting UK is the fact that you have to get all the events right, and if one of them is unsuccessful, you will lose the entire bet.

To sum up, a double bet involves betting on two events, while a triple bet lets one predict the outcomes of three events simultaneously. Lastly, an accumulator bet allows a bettor to predict the outcomes of four or more selections. They are usually named after the number of selections in them – for example, a fivefold or a sixfold accumulator bet.

All You Need to Know about Mobile Apps for Online Betting

The transformation of the sports betting business and its subsequent transition to the online world brought a huge boost to the industry. This transition allowed casinos and betting sites to expand into new markets and territories by introducing exciting innovative features and applications, which helped to attract a whole new generation of betting enthusiasts. The second part of the transition, which is already apparent worldwide, is the change towards smartphone-first betting through designated applications. It appears like almost every major bookmaker has introduced a betting app for smartphone users. The quality of the app a particular sportsbook offers is arguably among the most important things for you to consider while choosing a betting platform you want to register at. For example, whenever we review the best betting applications out there, we tend to look at a handful of crucial aspects such as whether the application is easy to find, download and set up, how easy it is to register an account, deposit your funds and claim bonuses and rewards through the betting app. We also look in great detail at the selection of sports events the bookmaker offers and to what extent live betting is allowed on those events and markets. Also, it is very important to examine the simplicity of requesting and processing a payout, the website's design and layout and, thus, users' ability to navigate around the platform with ease.

Free Bets and Sign-up Offers

Many of the best online betting sites nowadays provide their customers with an extensive range of promotions and bonuses that become available upon signup. While with some online sports betting sites the promotions are activated once a player has made his first deposit, with others the offers become available as soon as a player's first bet has been placed. The range of these offers is truly impressive, with each one of them carrying specific sets of terms and conditions. This is exactly why it is absolutely vital to examine the rules so that you are perfectly aware of the way betting is done there. Let us now introduce you to the most popular types of bonuses and promotions currently being offered worldwide.

Deposit Bonus

With this type of promotion, punters receive a specific amount of money, place a bet of their choice and receive an additional amount as a free betting bonus from the bookmaker. The amount of bonus a user receives is based on the specific percentage of the deposit the sportsbook matches.

On the other hand, free bets are arguably among the most popular kinds of promotions which in most cases come into effect as soon as you have placed a bet with your own funds. Always be reminded that certain promotions, bonuses and free bet offers may come with particular terms and regulations pertaining to how they can be redeemed. There are some good conditions, and there are some better ones out there too. Hence, be sure to look through the terms and conditions prior to claiming any offers from the website or placing bets with the bonus money.

What Makes Research So Important

When it comes to online betting on sports events, it is necessary to find the perfect gambling venue that offers the most competitive odds. Fortunately, access to the internet will improve your starting position by a lot – with hundreds of various websites publishing their reviews and rankings of the best online betting sites. In order to improve the quality of their services, most betting sites encourage their customers to leave their feedback and any concerns they might have. Also you should consider the range of sports events on one the best online betting sites you prefer and how many of those look appealing to you.