An Introduction to CSGO Betting

August 28, 2017

Without a shadow of a doubt, the title «Counter Strike» would probably ring a bell even for casual gaming enthusiasts, as it has proven to be one of the most successful brands in the previous decade or so. This outstanding reputation was reinforced even further with the introduction of the «Counter-Strike: Global Offensive» segment. With the expanding demand for this iconic game, CSGO betting has been enjoying steady growth all the while. However, this article intends to provide readers with the most fundamentals of CSGO betting so that everybody is on the same page here. 

The Basics of CSGO

First of all, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter that revolves around the battle between two teams. Those two teams are the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists and the winner is decided on the best of 30 rounds basis.

A team of CSGO must defeat each member of the opposing team and/or complete the Map Objectives in order to win a round (and earn a point). The team of terrorists must plant an explosive and detonate it before the time finishes. On the other hand, the team of counter-terrorists does its best to prevent the bomb from being installed. If the bomb has been planted, the counter-terrorists need to defuse it or make sure the terrorists don't manage to complete their assignment on time. 

How to Bet on CSGO Events

Because of the game's structure, betting on CSGO events is rather similar to the majority of other team-based sports betting. Consider an example where Team A competes with Team B, where the possible outcomes are a win, lose or draw. Hence, the betting process operates in a largely similar manner. As you bet on the end result, namely which team will win the battle, which is commonly referred to as the Money Line. Each of the teams is given its odds on winning, reflecting their likelihood to defeat the rival. The odds are derived from a combination of contributing factors – the team's perceived level of skill, historical win-loss record, history of head-to-head battles between the teams and other situational factors. Therefore, the amount you choose to bet is then multiplied by the odds offered on that outcome. In this article, we aim to shed some light on how to bet on an eSports event on best CSGO betting sites.

Match                                            Money Line   

Team A                        1.305        bet $10 x 1.305=$13.05

Team B                        3.550        bet $10 x 3.550=$35.50

Since a battle consists of multiple individual Maps, it is also possible to bet on the winner of every Map. Because different Maps are in place and a particular team may be comparatively stronger than others on a given Map. Therefore, the odds for betting on individual CS:GO maps may sometimes differ to a great degree from those offered for the general outcome of the battle.

Match                                        Money Line

Team A (map 1)         1.416       bet $10 x 1.416=$14.16

Team B (map 2)         2.929       bet $10 x 2.929=$29.29

Along with betting on the winner of the battle, many CSGO betting sites also offer betting on Handicaps. In essence, this largely reflects the perceived strength of each team and adjusts for the predicted imparity in skills. The way it works is as following: the underdog is given a certain number of Maps, whereas the stronger team is then handicapped by the same number of Maps. As a result, a handicap odds look like this:

Match                         Handicap                            Money Line

Team A                      (-1.5) 2.130                         1.305

Team B                      (+1.5) 1.729                        3.550

What Kinds of CSGO Events Are Available for Betting?

Pinnacle provides CSGO betting services on every major tournament in the sport such as Dreamhack, FACEIT, SLTV StarSeries, ESL One, ESEA seasons. An abundance of various regular events, both online and offline, are also covered by Pinnacle. This is where the most proficient followers of «Counter-Strike: Global Offensive» can truly get an edge in the betting process. The following link contains Pinnacle's current CSGO betting timetable.

A Few Tips on CSGO Betting

Similarly to other multiplayer games, your success in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive largely depends on your ability to combine excellent individual skill with fantastic communication within your own team. Although it is true that the majority of the leading CSGO teams have very solid individual talent, only the best ones of those are able to win because of their superior team effort because of the better communication between the players.

Another aspect that is unique to CSGO betting on CSGO betting sites, if compared to many other multiplayer games such as DotA and League of Legends is the use of Maps and each individual team's ability to perform in a given Map. Although a particular team could be quite apparently weaker than their opponent and, therefore, higher odds in case of their victory, they may have mastered a particular map's gaming environment. In that case, an overall weaker team may be favoured to win in a particular Map.

If you found this introductory article about CSGO betting useful and would like to try betting with real money, check out the current CSGO odds and reviews on best CSGO betting sites. Also, do remember to sign up in order not to miss any of our great articles about eSports betting.